Trophy Winners

Captain v Vice Captain

Played as early as possible in the season, this is a Team Match Play competition with teams chosen by the Captain and the Vice-Captain.
• 4BBB match play – except for the Captain and Vice-Captain who play a head to head match.
• Scoring is one point for winning a hole and ½ point for halving a hole plus an additional one point for winning the match or ½ point for halving the match.
• 90% Handicap Difference off Back Marker (full handicap difference for the Captains).

Teams Selection Process:
• The Captain selects his first player for the side. The Vice-Captain then selects two players for his side. The Captain then chooses another two players for his side and so on until the list of players wishing to play in the Competition is exhausted. The players are then paired and each pair numbered. The teams play against each other according to the respective numbers i.e. team numbered 1 by the Captain will play against team numbered 1 by the Vice-Captain.
• It is recommended that the Captains apply a dress code e.g. Captain’s players to play in a blue shirt; Vice-Captain’s players to play in a white shirt.
• The captain of the losing team presents the competition’s trophy to the captain of the winning team.

Past Winners

1979 J. Bonello (Vice Captain)
1982 H. Vassallo (Captain)
1983 R. Marshall (Captain) halved with G. Ricci (Vice Captain)
1984 G. Ricci (Captain)
1996 L. Ellul (Captain)
1997 J. Lewis (Captain)
1998 R.P. Dickinson (Vice Captain)
2005 V. Satariano (Captain)
2006 J. Lewis (Captain)
2007 R. Mountford (Vice Captain)
2008 R. Mountford (Captain)
2009 K. Micallef (Vice Captain)
2010 I. Macpherson (Vice Captain)
2011 I. Macpherson (Captain)
2012 J. Fletcher(Vice Captain)
2013 J. Fletcher(Captain)
2014 R. Feenan(Captain)
2015 K. Woodward(Captain)
2016 D. Allsopp(Captain)
2017 T. Jacobsen(Vice Captain)
2018 T. Jacobsen(Captain)
2019 T. Jacobsen(Captain)