Trophy Winners

Creasy Cup

The Creasy Cup was made in London by C&S Co. Ltd. in 1950 and presented to RMGC by Sir Gerald Creasy KCMG KCVD OBE who was Governor of Malta from 1949-1954.

The following Rules of the “Creasy” Cup are as intimated by Sir Gerald Creasy on the 19th January 1954. The original rules are available in a framed print in the Putters Inn.

The cup is to be competed for annually in handicap match play according to the Rules of Golf as issued by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, and the Local Rules of the Royal Malta Golf Club.

Players are to play off three-fourths of their full Club handicap.

Semi-final and final matches are to be refereed.

The following rules are to govern the Calcutta Sweep and Auction.

Sweepstake tickets are to be sold at a cost of 50c each (25 tickets for LM 10) within the precincts of the Marsa Sports Club. They may only be sold to members of the RMGC.

A dinner to be attended by Gentlemen only will be held on a suitable day each year at a suitable venue, the date to be announced by the Competitions Committee. After dinner, sweepstake counterfoils and the names of the players are to be drawn one for one and entered in a tally sheet. The player will immediately be auctioned to the highest bidder. This will continue until all the players have been drawn and auctioned. Ticket-holder will receive half the auction price of each player for whom tickets are held.

The draw for the competition will be made the next day after the Hangover Cup. Only Creasy Cup dinner attendees may play in this competition.

A sheet will be placed in the Golf Clubhouse showing details of the auction and advising all amounts of money due to and from Members.

A player has the option to purchase from the owner a half-share in him but this option MUST be claimed before playing his first game. He will signify his intention by signing the sheet and the financial arrangement is personal between himself and the owner.

Prize money is to be assessed in the following way:
For owner/joint owner of Winner – 50% of half the total auction money
For owner/joint owner of Runner-up – 30% of half the total auction money
For owner/joint owner of each Semi-Finalist – 10% of half the total auction money

Apart from the competition money, the winner and runner-up will be presented with a token trophy commemorating their win. The balance of the competition fund is to be credited to the accounts of the RMGC to assist in furthering the cause of golf in Malta.

Ticket holders and Owners are at liberty to sell their holdings or part of their holdings at any time but the financial implications are a personal matter and debits and credits are to be collected and paid in accordance with the sheet.

1951: Surg. Cmdr T.F. Miles (RN)
1952: Lt. Cdr. P.G. Merriman (RN)
1953: Mr. Gubbins
1954: Cmdr. May (USN)
1955: Mr. Gubbins
1956: Maj. M.M. Lewis
1957: Vice Admiral Cato D. Glover (USN)
1958: Lt. Cmdr Boyd (RN)
1959: A.B. Maule
1960: Capt. J Findlay
1961: Capt.N.J.M. Bebb
1962: J.H. Hughieson
1963: Surg. Capt. A.E. Flannery (RN)
1964: Fl. Lt. R.D. Johnstone
1965: C.W. Hendy
1966: Fl. Lt F.J. Stuart (RAF)
1967: Fl Lt. D.H.A. Greenway (RAF)
1968: The Rev P.O.W. Levingston
1969: Lt. Cdr. M. Whyte
1970: Surg. Capt. J.C. Benson (RN)
1971: W.D. Mouncey
1972: R. Marshall
1973: G.H.B. Hicks
1974: Surg. Capt. J.C. Benson (RN)
1975: J.B. Andrews
1976: F.R.E. Vella
1977: C.L. Satariano
1978: C.L. Satariano
1979: Surg. Capt. J.C. Benson (RN)
1980: A. Zammit
1981: A. Zammit
1982: T. Cummin
1983: Col R.W. McLain (USAF)
1984: N. Spiteri
1985: J. Borg
1986: J. Borg
1987: S.N. Borg
1988: G. Falzon
1989: G. Falzon
1990: R. Beekman
1991: J.M. Holland
1992: C.A. Borg
1993: A.P. Borg
1994: W.L. Friesen
1995: D. Cummings
1996: A.D. Constant
1997: S. Leslie
1998: J. Payne
1999: W. Alcock
2000: W. Alcock
2001: C. Mitchell
2002: A.P. Borg
2003: N. Laferla
2004: P. Satariano
2005: N. Laferla
2006: K. Waddington
2007: J. Payne
2008: N. Beck
2009: A.P. Borg
2010: D. Debono
2011: N. Hall
2012: N. Beck
2013: R. Crossley
2014: J.J. Micallef
2015: J.J. Micallef
2016: E. Cranley
2017: C. Stergar
2018: R. Gray
2019: S. Dodd
2020: Not Played (Covid)
2021 N. Simpson