Trophy Winners

Demajo Group Challenge Cup

Made by Barker Ellis Silver Company and assayed in Birmingham in 1967 this handsome trophy had lain in our trophy cabinet untouched for so many years that nobody knew what it was presented for or by whom. In 2010 Mario Balzan Demajo of Demajo Group agreed to sponsor a mixed four ball better ball matchplay competition between teams representing RMGC and Demajo Group.

  • 4BBB Match Play between an RMGC team and a Demajo team
  • One point per hole plus one for the match – nineteen points
  • Full handicap allowance
  • Prizes: winning team members

Past Winners

2010 RMGC
2011 RMGC
2012 RMGC
2013 RMGC
2014 Demajo Group
2015 Demajo Group
2016 Demajo Group
2017 Demajo Group
2018 RMGC
2019 Demajo Group