Trophy Winners

Order of Merit

Originally, but no longer, sponsored by Lacoste who donated the trophy.

  • The RMGC computer handicapping software, “CLUB V1”, contains a facility for the
    definition and automatic allocation of Order of Merit points to competition leaders.
  • The first 20 placed competitors in a QUALIFYING competition are allocated points ~ 20
    points to the winner, 19 points to the runner-up, then 18 etc. The overall winner gets an
    additional 5 points.
  • Points are allocated on an EQUAL basis to the top twenty finishers in all QUALIFYING
    competitions during the official golf season. EQUAL points mean that tying players all get the
    same number of points, e.g. 1st, 2nd and 3rd all tied on net 64 in a monthly medal ALL get 20
    points, 4th gets 17 points, etc. Scores for best back nine, etc (Rules 2.2.8-10) are only taken into
    consideration for the allocation of the 5 extra points for the overall winner.
  • In a competition where there is more than one division (as in Monthly Medals) points will
    be allocated to the overall score ignoring divisions.
  • Points will be awarded for overall results for Major competitions (The Championship,
    Scratch Challenge, Handicap Challenge and Wedgwood Trophy) played over more than one
    day. The number of points awarded will be multiplied by the number of rounds played. i.e.
    for a two round competition the points will be 40 for best score, 38 for second etc, with 10
    additional points for the overall winner. Three round competitions will be 60 points for the
    winner, 57 for second etc, with 15 additional points for the overall winner.
  • The Kinnaird Centenary Trophy and the Centenary Plate (net competitions played alongside
    the Scratch Challenge and the Championship) will award points as if they were standalone 1
    day qualifying competitions.
  • Points will be awarded for knock-out competitions as follows:
    Creasy Cup and R&A Trophy: 25 points for the winner, 10 points for the runner-up, 5
    points for each losing semi-finalist
    Glover Cup and Foursomes Challenge Cup: 10 points for each winner and 5 points for
    each runner-up
  • No additional points will be awarded for other qualifying competition played within another
    qualifying competition (e.g. Veterans Cup played with Monthly Medal – points will be given
    for Medal results only).
  • Order of Merit standings are taken into consideration in team selection for the annual Malta
    v The Rest match (see 5.3.2).

The OFFICIAL GOLF SEASON starts with the September Monthly Medal and ends with The
Championship, or the last QUALIFYING competition played in May, whichever is the later.
The QUALIFYING competitions are all individual stroke play competitions unless otherwise
notified – see the Competition Calendar on the RMGC website.

Past Winners

2022 N. Gratil
2021 L. Schulze Döring
2020 A.P. Borg
2019 L. Schulze Döring
2018 A.P. Borg
2017 J.J. Micallef
2016 A.P. Borg
2015 J.J. Micallef
2014 J.J. Micallef
2013 Q. van Beek
2012 P. Satariano
2011 A.P. Borg
2010 D. Holland
2009 C. Bergedahl
2008 A.P. Borg
2007 W. Alcock
2006 P. Satariano
2005 N. Laferla
2002 W. Alcock
2001 G. Critien
1998 J. Gough
1997 A. Zammit
1996 S. Jones