Trophy Winners

Wedgwood Trophy

Played for since 1992, this handsome trophy completes our list of ‘majors’.

  • Played over two days on consecutive Saturdays.
  • Day 1 is a Stableford round; Day 2 is a medal round.
  • The Stableford points are deducted from the net medal scores to arrive to an overall winner and runner up for the competition.
  • Maximum full handicap allowance: 18.
  • Handicap played on Day 1 is retained for Day 2.
  • Should there be a tie the winner will be the player who has obtained the best result on the second day medal round. If this does not decide then the process of the best back 9, etc as laid down in paragraph 8b of the Open Competitions Rules will be applied onto the second day medal round.
  • Food is generally provided on day 2
  • A club trophy is available.
  • Prizes are given to:
  • Winner and runner up day 1.
  • Winner, runner up and best gross day 2.
  • Overall winner, runner-up and third place.
1992: D. Hilpern
1993: A.P. Borg
1994: C.L. Satariano
1995: P. Stoner
1996: G. Critien
1997: A. Mangion
1998: R. Vella
1999: G. Church
2000: R. Dix
2001: G. Critien
2002: P. Stoner
2003: N. Borg
2004: D. Saliba
2005: A.Mangion
2006: R. Mountford
2007: D. Debono
2008: G. Pickles
2009: M. Gruppetta
2010: R. Crossley
2011: M. Gruppetta
2012: W. Beck
2013 B. Abele
2014 J. Camilleri
2015 M. Bennett
2016 H. Froehlich
2017 G. Schmid
2018 E. Cranley
2019 M. Mangion
2020 Not Played (Covid)
2021 S. Knights