Trophy Winners

Handicap Challenge Cup

Sponsored in 2011 by IIG Bank this trophy has been played for since 1891. Originally it was played for alongside the Scratch Challenge as a fallback competition but is now our third major and keenly contested for.

Amongst the early winners are many decorated servicemen including:
1892 Arthur C. Grieve who served as midshipman aboard H.M.S. Victoria and lost his life when the ship sunk following a collision with H.M.S. Camperdown at Tripoli, 22nd June 1893.
1893 Reverend Horace Septimus Wansbrough, Royal Navy Chaplain served on HMS Howe.
1895 Admiral Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, (1836-1920) 3rd Baronet Seymour, of High Mount, co. Limerick. He was based in Malta as Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean Fleet 1893-1896.

Some of the early years show two names. Whether the trophy was played for twice or they tied for the trophy is not known.

  • Individual aggregate 36-hole medal.
  • Played over two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Maximum full handicap allowance: 18.
  • Handicap played on Day 1 is retained for Day 2.
  • Should there be a tie the winner will be the player who has obtained the best result on the second day medal round. If this does not decide then the process of the best back 9, etc as laid down in paragraph 8b of the Open Competitions Rules will be applied onto the second day medal round.
  • Food is generally provided on day 2.
  • Prizes: Winner and Runner-up.

Past Winners

1891: Lt. D.R. Coates (RA)
1892: Capt. Scott Elliot (Cameron Highlanders) & A.C. Grieve (RN HMS Victoria)
1893: Lt. H. Schofield (Welch Rgt.) & Cmdr P.W.Bush (RN Sans Pareil)
1894: Rev. H.S. Wansbrough (RN HMS Howe)
1895: Admiral Sir M. Culme Seymour
1896: A.E. Monro (RN HMS Howe) & Lt. G.F.B. Hankey (KRR)
1897: Capt. Tayor (Duke of Wellington Regt.)
1898: P.H. Row (RN HMS Ramillies)
1899: Mjr. C.E. Callwell (RA)
1900: C.G. Matthew (RN HMS Renown)
1901: Capt. Hon. R.C. Jervis (Northumberland Fusiliers)
1902: R.D. Cox (RN HMS Renown)
1903: Pay. W. Le Brun (HMS Vindictive)
1904: E.B. Pickthorn (RN HMS Montague)
1905: Lt. Hon P.G.E.C. Acheson (RN HMS Bulwark)
1906: Capt. F.W. Nugent (1st Bn. Rifle Bgde.)
1907: Capt. L. Norcock (RN HMS Implacable)
1908: Lt. O.C. Gilliat (4th Bn. Rifle Bde.)
1909: Staff Surg. C.C. Macmillan (RN Hospital)
1910: Capt. F.G.G. Cunningham (1st Bn. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)
1911: Eng. Capt. F.T.W. Curtis (RN HMS Bacchante)
1912: Capt. W.L. Baker (RAMC)
1913: Lt. B.O. Smyth (Northern Regt.)
1914: Staff Surg. W.E. Gribbell (RN)
1915: A.M. Macfarlane
1917: Capt. J.B.I. Keswick (RAMC)
1918: Claude W. Duncan (Comm. Police)
1919: Eng. Capt. H. Lashmore (RN)
1920: Mjr. S. Hoult Horton (RASC)
1921: Mjr. R.E.U. Newman
1922: Sub Lt. H.W.S. Browning (RN)
1923: M. Blythman & Lt Cmdr. J.E.Phayre (RN)
1924: Mjr. C.M. Finny (RAMC)
1925: H.V. Brooks
1926: Rev. C.L. Waller (RN)
1927: Pay. Mid. R.M.R. Skinner (RN)
1928: Surg. Lt.D.H. Kernohan (RN)
1929: Capt. G.B. MacDonald (RASC)
1930: Col. R. Bocquet (RE)
1931: Lt. T.D. Oborne (RE)
1932: Lt. Cmdr. R.F. Jolly (RN HMS Beagle)
1933: Surg. Cmdr. J.C. Sinclair (RN HMS Shropshire)
1934: Lt. F.W. Schlesinger (RE)
1935: Mjr. J.B. Minch (RAMC)
1936: Lt. F.W. Schlesinger (RE)
1937: Lt. Col. W. Croker (RAMC)
1938: T.B. Parker
1948: Capt. J.H. Donaldson (R.Sigs)
1949: Group Capt. J.D. Miller
1951: F. Carr
1952: Surg. Cmdr. A.E. Flannery (RN)
1953: Mjr. Cassar Torregiani (KOMR)
1954: Mjr. Cassar Torregiani (KOMR)
1955: Lt. Col. Bond
1956: F/Lt L. McKinnon
1957: F/Lt P. Murphy
1958: F. Carr
1959: Cmdr. Keith Welsh (RN)
1960: Wing Cmdr. H.M. Carson
1961: Capt. E.R. Seiler (RAMC)
1962: J.H. Hughieson
1963: F/Lt E.H. Day
1964: F/Lt J.H. Bradshaw
1965: P.A.R. Tregurtha
1966: T.E. Morris
1968: A.J. Gregory
1969: N.S.M. Clarke
1971: B.L. Bevis
1972: E. Hillier
1973: C.J.F. Dunn
1974: S. Phillips
1975: L. Reilly
1976: A. Zammit
1977: B. Harrison
1978: F. Borg
1979: J. Benson
1980: R.E.D. Chalmers
1981: B.A. Muscat
1982: R. Beekman
1983: N.C. Urpani
1984: N.C. Urpani
1985: J.L. Bonello
1986: C.L. Satariano
1993: A.P. Borg
1994: G. Dawes
1996: D. Sillato
1997: J. Garden
1998: J. Payne
1999: J. Fletcher
2000: L. Schembri
2001: W. Alcock
2002: G. Falzon
2003: J. Fletcher
2004: G. Schmid
2005: P. Satariano
2006: T. Vella
2007: N. Borg
2008: E. Sullivan
2009: C. Bergedahl
2010: S. N. Borg
2011: A. Holland
2012: N. Hall
2012: S. Borg Manduca
2013: D. Holland
2014: N. Beck
2015: L. Schembri
2016: S. Reeves
2017: E. Akkerhuis
2019: E. Cranley
2019: B. Mangion
2020: T. Cleasby