Trophy Winners

RMGC Club Championship

This competition was inaugurated in 1963 and is now the premier competition of the season, closing the official calendar. The original ‘Individual Champion’ Trophy was presented to the club in 1963 by Rear Admiral David William Maurice Boyle C.B. D.S.C, Viscount of Kelburn, later 9th Earl of Glasgow who was Flag Officer Malta 1961-63. This trophy became fully inscribed and was in 2008 replaced with the trophy above.

  • Played over three consecutive days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • Aggregate medal played off scratch.
  • On Day 1 all players will play off the first tee. Players will be seeded according to their Division. A random draw will be applied for players within each Division.
  • To manage numbers on Day 3 a cut may be applied, the number to be determined
    on completion of the preceding day.
  • On Days 2 & 3, the players with the best scores will play off the first tee in reverse order and i.e. the players with the best scores will go out last.
  • The winner of the Championship will be the player with the best gross aggregate score over the three days.
  • In the event of a tie, the result shall be decided by a play-off by the play off/sudden death procedure as laid down in paragraph 10 of the Open Competitions Rules.
  • Prizes are given to: Winner and Runner Up and third place.

Past Winners

2022 R. Critien
2021 R. Critien
2020 Not Played (Covid)
2019 L. Schulze Döring
2018 R. Critien
2017 A.P. Borg
2016 A.P. Borg
2015 R. Critien
2014 D. Holland
2013 A.P. Borg
2012 J.J. Micallef
2011 A.P. Borg
2010 A.P. Borg
2009 A.P. Borg
2008 A.P. Borg
2007 C. Robson
2006 T. Vella
2005 P. Satariano
2004 P. Stoner
2003 A.P. Borg
2002 A.P. Borg
2001 W. Alcock
2000 A. Zammit
1999 W. Alcock
1998 J.A. Gough
1997 J. Garden
1996 J. Dawson
1995 P. Stoner
1994 W.L. Friesen
1993 S. Flodder
1992 D.J. Gibson
1991 M.J. Donlan
1990 A. Zammit
1989 G. Falzon
1988 J. Tabone
1987 S. Wadley
1986 C.L. Satariano
1985 N.C. Urpani
1984 P.R. Redman
1983 A. Zammit
1982 G. Falzon
1981 T. Cummin
1980 R. Marshall
1979 Ian Martin
1978 C.L. Satariano
1977 N.C. Urpani
1976 A. McLure (RAF)
1975 L.J. Reilly
1974 Flt. Lt. I. Shellern
1973 Surg. Capt. J.C. Benson (RN)
1972 Cdr R.J.H. Stephens
1971 S/Ld N. C. McLean
1970 The Rev P.O.W. Levingston
1969 The Rev P.O.W. Levingston
1968 Sgt. B. Turnbull (RAF)
1967 P.R.V. Deed
1966 E. Hamilton Hill
1965 Lt. Col. H.B.C. Davies (RASC)
1964 S. Biron
1963 Maj. R Stark (REME)