Trophy Winners

Men's Gross Eclectic

The Gross Eclectic is the best gross score recorded on each hole over the course of the season. The winner is the player with the best gross score. The competition is sponsored by Richard and Sean Bradshaw in memory of their late father John Bradshaw.

Past Winners

2022 J.J. Micallef
2021 L. Schulze Döring
2020 A.P. Borg
2019 L. Schulze Döring
2018 J.J. Micallef
2017 J.J. Micallef
2016 A.P. Borg
2015 A.P. Borg
2014 Q. van Beek
2013 B. Abele
2012 A.P. Borg
2011 A.P. Borg
2010 A.P. Borg
2009 A.P. Borg
2008 A.P. Borg
2007 W. Alcock
2006 N. Beck
2005 P. Stoner