Trophy Winners

R & A Trophy

This competition was started in 1997 when the Warren Cup ‘walked’ with a departing member. No record exists of the Warren Cup winners. The trophy itself was made in 1988 by Francis Howard Ltd in Edinburgh and presented to the RMGC by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews to commemorate the 1988 centenary of the founding of the RMGC. Originally for 19+ handicaps only, in 2009-10 it became open to all handicaps.

Individual Match play knockout.
Full Handicap difference.

Past Winners

1997 R. Aylen
1998 N. Spiteri
1999 B. Bugeja
2000 L. Sansone
2001 N. Urpani
2002 N. Beck
2003 G. Chamberlain
2004 D. Ellis
2005 B. Mangion
2006 B. Mangion
2007 P. Dimech
2008 Austin Agius
2009 B. Mangion
2010 D. Holland
2011 P. Brown
2012 J. Fletcher
2013 C. Lewis
2014 A.P. Borg
2015 G. Schmid
2016 S. Reeves
2017 S. Dodd
2018 G. Schmid
2019 T. Bergendal
2021 V. Denaro