Men’s competitions – Thursday random slots

In order to safeguard the state of our golf course, and to protect the quality of our greens and tees during weekend competitions, it has become necessary for Lorenzo and his green-keepers to re-position the flagsticks and to move the tee markers every Friday morning, instead of Thursday morning.

This means that it will not be possible for us to run an 18-hole competition over three consecutive days (Thu, Fri & Sat), and that the option of playing a “random slot” competition on a Thursday is being withdrawn with effect from Thursday 23rd September and until further notice. The Fixture List will be amended accordingly.

The “random slots” option was only brought in last year as an interim measure after the Covid pandemic broke out. We will, however, continue to allow “random slots” on Fridays and Saturdays (where applicable) mainly for those members who are unable to enter competitions via the pre-reserved slots on the weekend.

Yours in golf,

Victor, Captain