Men’s stableford, 24th July – results

Forget about the Euros and the Olympics. This weekend is all about nuts and a happy blind squirrel.

As we have become accustomed, a course in excellent condition. Forty-eight participants in this weekend’s individual stableford, and only one winner – Victor Denaro with 40 points (seen hereunder on the 8th fairway).

A four-way tie, all with 39 points, saw Ivan Faure take 2nd on a back9 count-back, and Andrew Saunders take 3rd on a back6 count-back. Simon Micallef Stafrace and Erik Thoren just missed out on the honours. Prizes of €80, €60 and €40 respectively to be credited to the wallets of the top3.

Five Twos, from Stewart Davies, Andrew Saunders, Finley Gratil, Andrew Featherstone and Ivan Faure, win two sleeves of balls (€14) each.

Next weekend it’s the Texas Scramble. Enter your own team of four, or else enter yourself into any available slot on Clubv1/HDID. On Friday 30th, just before the draw at 1pm, the CompSec will team up all loose participants, and incomplete teams, into teams of four.

Yours in golf,

Victor, Captain RMGC