Men’s Yellow Ball – playing handicap allowance

Due to the recent weather conditions, course maintenance works need to continue until and including Thursday 17th (tomorrow), as already advised. Therefore, with the course closed tomorrow, the Yellow Ball competition with be played over Fri 18th and Sat 19th Sept only.

The Yellow Ball comp rules have already been published in an earlier announcement. However, for clarification, please follow these steps to calculate your playing handicap allowance for this competition:

  1. Take your current HANDICAP INDEX and, using the conversion chart, convert your handicap index to your COURSE HANDICAP. Dear members, with the recently-adopted World Handicap System (WHS), you will need to get used to doing this every time you compete.
  2. If in a 4-man team, calculate your COURSE HANDICAP x 0.9 (nearest) to obtain your PLAYING HANDICAP ALLOWANCE for this competition.
  3. If in a 3-man team, your COURSE HANDICAP = your PLAYING HANDICAP ALLOWANCE for this competition.

Please DO NOT input your scores into the PSI system. Simply sign and deposit your team card into the score-card box. It is important that for every hole, the card marker clearly indicates which player is playing the YB. A circle around the YB player’s gross score should suffice.

Enjoy your golf.