Men’s Yellow Ball – restricted holes

Saturday’s YB competition is still ON! However, due to the closure of holes 8-13, the competition will be played over twelve holes, ie 1-7 followed by 14-18.

Notwithstanding the shortened comp, the hole indices will remain as per score card and, for the player sequence using the YB, the 14th hole will naturally follow the 7th hole. Your playing handicap allowance will also remain as is (vide yesterday’s announcement). Keep in mind this is a non-qualifying “fun” event. With prizes!

After you finish your round on the 18th please understand that you DO NOT have right-of-way to continue a few more holes from the 1st tee. Please, no squeezing in, and show 100% respect to other members and guests, and to the bookings on BRS. You may only continue off the 1st if you re-book with the front-office, or online on BRS.

Enjoy your golf.

Victor Denaro, CompSec