Men’s Yellow Ball Thu, Fri & Sat 17/18/19th Sep 2020

Gentlemen, please sign up for this weekend’s Yellow Ball competition, and book your own tee time on BRS. You may team up with any other flight where space permits. This is a team event, 4-man or 3-man, aggregate stableford, non-qualifying.

Competition rules:

a. 90% of individual handicap for 4-man team, full individual handicap for 3-man team,

b. hole by hole, each player takes it in turn to play with the “Yellow Ball”. The player with the “Yellow Ball” doubles his stableford points. The team’s “Yellow Ball” is virtual, i.e. each player plays the whole round with his own ball, whatever the colour, so that no ball ever changes hands. The player with the “Yellow Ball” rotates with every hole,

c. for every hole the team adds up the best three stableford points,

d. if the team’s “Yellow Ball” is lost or goes OB (out-of-bounds), the “Yellow Ball” cannot be retrieved and the team cannot register double points from that point until the end of the round.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd placed teams. Plus, individual ball sweep for 2’s.

Enjoy your golf.