Mixed Step Aside Scramble

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th July 2020

Entry Fee: €6:00 – No Ball Sweep
Teams of 4 players – allowance will be 10% of combined Full Handicap
Minimum number of drives – 3 per player
Team of 3 players – allowance will be 15% of combined Full Handicap Minimum number of drives – 4 per player
Ladies – Extra Three shots applies
Prizes winner of A) Mixed or Ladies Team. B) Men’s Team

A three or four person team event. On the first hole, each player drives off, and the best shot is selected.
The ball is marked, and the player whose shot is chosen, Steps Aside. Remaining players play from within 6 inches of this position (fairway and rough) . The ball may not be taken from the rough to the fairway, and must be dropped. On the fairway and the green, the ball may be placed. On the putting green, the ball may be placed no more than 6 inches from the marker. At all times, no nearer the hole.

Whoever sinks the putt then ‘steps aside’ and only three/two players tee off on the next hole. Players may take their shots in any order as this is part of the tactics of the game.

Each player must get in a minimum of 3/4 drives keeping in mind that if you hole the putt you can’t drive at the next hole, this is also part of the tactics.

Medal Scoring. Add the individual players handicaps together, including the Ladies extra three shots. For Example 84. Calculate the 10% or 15% (depending if you are a flight of three or four) from the total handicap. For Example 8.4 Gross Medal Score – Handicap = Score. Example: 76 Gross Score, minus handicap of 8.4 = Score of 65.6

Any queries please contact Kirsten at reception or Rebecca Howes 99430432.