New Bye-Law #6 – Disciplinary Procedures

It became clear, particularly in these extraordinary times,  that there was nothing in the Constitution that covered situations where members flouted the advice given by Government and behaved in a manner that the BOM considered was not in keeping with the values to which the RMGC aspires, other than to refer them to the Disciplinary Committee – a very detailed and lengthy process that was established to cover very serious cases. It was further clear that whilst the club’s Disciplinary Process was valid, it had shortcomings in respect of issues that required immediate and appropriate actions in matters of the health and safety.

We are a private members club: the BOM should be maintaining standards and values without having to refer to a disciplinary board; and as an Ancillary Club of the MSC should reflect their Rules where their Committee of Management is empowered and authorised to act in a similar manner proposed for our BOM. Apart from minor offences, all disciplinary action should be initiated though the BOM, except for the most serious cases which will still be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

As a result, the BOM has drafted a new Bye-Law which has been placed on our website in the secure Management folder under Bye-Laws.

This Bye-Law enhances the Constitution and is effective immediately for the short term but must be approved or rejected by members at the next AGM in line with Constitution Rule 6.2.2(f).

Chris Stahl


Board of Management