New Men’s Competition Guidelines – please read carefully

In response to the Covid pandemic, the R&A has issued a set of guidelines regarding score entry and card handling. With immediate effect, and until further notice, for stroke-play competitions, ie medal, stableford, & bogey formats:

  1. A player may mark his own card. For safety reasons, and in current pandemic circumstances, this is recommended.
  2. The player is to ensure that his gross score is being recorded by another player in the same flight.
  3. At the end of the round the player is to verify with his marker the gross score of all 18 holes. In case of a NR (no return) for a hole, a “0” may be entered as the gross score.
  4. Immediately after verification, the player enters his own gross scores into the PSI terminal, or the HDID/ClubV1 app, with the marker in attendance (if possible), but keeping a safe distance.
  5. The card does not need to be signed, and it does not need to be deposited in the scorecard box. However, the player is required to keep his card, or an image of it, until the comp result is announced.

Please, for your own safety, and for the safety of all the Club’s members, staff, and visitors, ensure that you abide to all health & safety instructions. Please remember to (a) wear your mask, (b) keep your distance, and (c) sanitize your hands, at all times.

Enjoy your golf,

Victor, CompSec