Notice of Meeting

Dear Member,

Over the past few weeks the Board of Management and the various Committees that serve and support the RMGC have been engaged in a series of meetings to discuss the possible strategic content of the next five year plan for the RMGC.

The previous three (five year) plans have, amongst other things, seen us install wall-to-wall irrigation, construct a purpose built maintenance facility, change the grasses we grow, invest heavily in grass cutting machinery, change the structure of the way the club is managed with the last plan coming to fruition with the completion of the new clubhouse facility and the landmark 125 celebrations.

Now, looking forward, we would like to get comprehensive input from the general membership for the next plan. In order to facilitate this, the Board invites you to attend an informal meeting on Wednesday 29th October 2014, at the Torrens Suite at 18.00 (see attached notice). On the night, the findings of the meetings that have taken place so far will be shared with those present, who will be invited to contribute openly to each headline topic. In advance of the meeting, we will distribute our working document – with the data we have thus far compiled, in order that each member who wishes to attend/contribute may fully understand the agenda for the evening.

We do urge you to attend on the 29th as your ideas/opinions are important to us. If you are unable to attend but wish to contribute we also urge you to share your thoughts with someone you know is attending in order that they can convey your these at the meeting.

Yours in golf

Board Of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

Notice of meeting