Past Lady Captains Day and Competition

On Tuesday 3 May, 15 Past Lady Captains plus our Lady Vice Captain Eileen Borg united to play a competition which has been sponsored by Jenny Scicluna for the last 20 years.  3 of our PLCs flew out for the occasion – Eileen O Brien, Michelle Allsopp and Mary Douglas.  After the competition we were joined by others: Margaret Holland, Dr Claire Mueller, Andrea Hamilton Hill and MaryAnn Waterhouse.  Apologies from Karen Fletcher, Maria Woodward and Margaret Micallef who were unable to join us this time.

The trophy winner was Terry Davies with 37 pts, runner/up Sue Wibrew with 36 pts – not bad when you consider this was off only 16 holes, as Holes 1 and 2 were closed that day for new netting to be erected at the clubhouse.

21 Past Lady Captains enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Drift, St Julian’s – highly recommended – we adjourned to take champagne courtesy of Dr Marianne Schaefer Noll and Dr John Vassallo at their nearby, and very lovely, home.  After one or two tinctures of champagne, Eileen Borg our Vice Captain gave a lovely thank you to Marianne and presented Jenny and myself with two light-boxes created by our artistic friend Claire Mueller.  Claire had, over time, made 45 light-boxes with a wide range of themes which she exhibited from time to time. Jenny received one, of a library in a formal house to reflect our Book Club, whilst mine was a representation of the Malta Maritime Museum close to where I live in Birgu.  Both were carefully chosen and appropriate.  Thanks Claire and Eileen!

A big thank you to all who made the effort to play, to support, to turn out, to fly out, to provide and to sponsor.  Look forward to next year.


All PLCs who attended were:

1987-88Mrs S Wibrew
1990-91Mrs M Borg
1992-93Mrs M P J Beekman
1994-95Mrs T Davies
1997-98Mrs F Dix
1998-99Mrs M Holland
2001-02Mrs J Scicluna
2005-06Drs C C Muller
2007-08Mrs B A Hall
2008-09Mrs A Hamilton Hill
2009-10Mrs E O’Brien
2010-11Mrs J Cassar
2013 -14Mrs M Allsopp
2014-15Mrs D Balzan
2015-16Mrs M Douglas
2016-17Mrs G Turkington
2017-18Mrs G Edlund
2018-19Mrs M Schaefer Noll
2019-20Mrs M Waterhouse
2020-21Mrs R Howes
2022-23and Soon to be Lady Captain Eileen Borg