Pitchmarks |The RMGC Golf & Greens Team


All golfers complain about them but they still appear. They damage the putting surfaces leading to an uneven roll of the ball and create weak spots which allow diseases and weeds to spread. They are also unsightly. The picture below is a typical green with pitchmark damage. Each white point represents an unrepaired or poorly repaired pitchmark. This issue is now more prevalent than ever and is a problem spreading across the golf world. With greens getting softer as Winter conditions take hold, more pitchmarks are being made and going unrepaired.

As golfers it is YOUR responsibility to repair pitchmarks. This video explains how and why we need to care for our course – Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtiomfCFehw

We ask Members need to act now to help resolve and try to eradicate the pitchmark problem. Make sure that you have a pitchmark repair tool in your pocket before setting out to play. If you do not have a pitchmark repairer please purchase one from the Golf Shop or Reception.We ask EVERY player to repair at least two pitchmarks on every green regardless of whether they have made a mark or not. As you will see in the above video it takes seconds to properly repair a pitchmark. Please take the time to check the front of every green for marks as these are often the worst areas.If every player repairs two pitchmarks on each green during each round the pitchmark problem will disappear.We appreciate your help.

The RMGC Golf & Greens Team