The Royal Malta Golf Club always acts in compliance with the Malta Data Protection Act Cap. 440. This means that we capture, store and manage your data responsibly at all times.

Submitting Personal Details

You do not need to provide any personal data simply to browse the majority of our website. However, you will be asked to submit some personal details if you:

Get in touch with us via the “Contact” section
Complete our “Request a tee time” form.
We will only ask for a limited amount of personal information in order to better understand our marketplace, and the needs and interests of those most likely to benefit from our services. We will only send you further details if you have given us permission.

We never ask for more information than necessary or disclose any of your personal details to any third party unless you have given us explicit permission. (Please note: we reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement officials and have no legal liability for disclosures).

We always

Keep your details up to date and accurate
Protect your personal data from access by unauthorized parties
Provide you with full details of any data we store about you on request.