RMGC Competitions – scorecards

As from Saturday 5th June 2021, and in accordance with the R&A rules of golf, the scorecards for all stroke play competitions, ie medal, stableford, and bogey, must be:

  1. filled in with the necessary details before tee off, ie competition name, competition date, player(s) name, player(s) playing handicap allowance.
  2. exchanged with the player’s marker,
  3. after the round, verified gross score of each hole, and total gross score, between marker and player,
  4. signed by both marker and player,
  5. entered gross score into the PSI/Clubv1/HDID system, even for no returns for qualifying competitions,
  6. deposited into the scorecard box. This will be the officially recognized score.

Failure to do the above may lead to disqualification.

with kind regards,

Victor, CompSec