Running K.O. Competitions (match-play)

All lady and men competitors who are competing in the R&A Trophy, Glover Cup, Foursomes Challenge, Rundle Rosebowl, and Mixed 4bbb, are being reminded to observe and to abide by the play-by dates, as already advised, and as indicated on the competition sheets on the notice board as well as on HDID/ClubV1>Knockouts>”comp name”.

The play-by dates for the current round(s) are as follows:

  1. R&A, by Sunday 22nd Nov 2020,
  2. Glover Cup, by Sunday 3rd Jan 2021,
  3. Foursomes Challenge, by Sunday 3rd Jan 2021,
  4. Rundle Rosebowl, by Sunday 31st Jan 2021,
  5. Mixed 4bbb, by Sunday 3rd Jan 2021.

Matches which haven’t been played, nor scheduled, by the Wednesday previous to the play-by date, will be auto-scheduled by the CompSec. The CompSec-scheduled time & date may not be amended thereafter.

Please, look at the draws, see which comps you are competing in, and contact your opponent(s) to fix your encounter.

Yours in golf,

Victor, CompSec