Saturday 22nd Feb – Spring Challenge, Lunch, BOV Presentation


Please be aware that this Saturday 22nd February we will have the Spring Challenge 4BBB pairs competition, followed by a free lunch for all participants. To monitor numbers all gentlemen who wish to have lunch may do so by signing up to the lunch “competition” on HDiD. Here you will be charged €5 and refunded after you have taken lunch on the day back into your account.

In addition, BOV will be present to announce the winners of the past couple of months and present the medals:


Div 1: Johann Camilleri

Div 2: Bernard Bugeja

Div 3: Aleksandr Vagimov

Div 4: Alex Mizzi


Div 1: Nicholas Beck

Div 2: Martin Azzopardi

Div 3: Richard Bradshaw

Div 4: David Ellis


Div 1: Peter Satariano

Div 2: Richard Crossley

Div 3: Victor Satariano

Div 4: Johann Antoni

Yours in Golf,

Mark Siddall, Competition Secretary