Signing up to competition guidelines (Men)


Some guidelines to clarify weekly competition signup to benefit members and Competition Committee:

  • Comp is open for sign up 10 days before Saturday. Each Saturday’s competition (and Friday’s alternative day if applicable) will be available to book 10 days in advance and signup will close on the previous Wednesday at 12:00pm (afternoon).
  • Use tech to sign up. Sign up to competitions are made via the PSI in the club, HowDidIDo app or website, ClubV1 app or website, or reception – the Competition Secretary will not add you if you are late or do not have funds in your competition account.
  • Call reception to top up your comp account. If you do not have funds and cannot enter then you will have to top up your competition account. You can do this in person or over the phone with reception.
  • Late entry messes up the draw. The competition draw will be made after 12:00pm Wednesday and is intended, in some cases, to match handicaps. Therefore alterations afterwards disrupt this principle and are accepted only in exceptional circumstances.
    • The official start sheet will be the one published on the RMGC website only. Not the one on HowDidIDo. This will be published on Thursday afternoon before the competition.
  • CALL RECEPTION if you cannot play on the day. The competition secretary is likely playing the competition so do not call him if you cannot play that day, call reception as they can re-organise the start sheet to reduct two balls or lone players.
  • Medical Certificate needed for buggies. Members, who need to use golf buggies in competitions, must seek prior approval from the Captain’s Committee.
  • Changes on a case by case basis. Members may make requests for start times occasionally to accommodate their schedules but at the discretion of Competition Committee – this must be made each week to aid the Competition Secretary.
    • No requests to partner with particular players will be accepted for competitions with OOM points.
    • Requests to partner with other members will be accepted for non-OOM point competitions on occasion and at the discretion of the Competition Committee.
    • Players are accountable for signing themselves up and must not add others. Any player who is signed up to play and fails to show will receive an automatic two competition ban.

Yours in Golf,

Mark Siddall, Competition Secretary