Simply Simple

Etiquette and Common Rules for the benefit of all members

This is the only course in Malta, and therefore receives a great deal of use, and in order to ensure that we do not abuse the course, there are some damage limitation procedures in place. Rather than take a draconian stance, the committee are requesting that all members obey the simple instructions below, some of which, are mentioned on the scorecard.


Players should give way:

When playing from the 4th tee to players on the 15th green

When playing to the 12th green to players on the 13th tee.

When playing to the 14th green to players on the 15th tee.

When playing the 17th hole to players on the 18th tee.

When playing to the 18th green to players on the 1st tee.

Blue Lines:

The blue lines are in place to protect the heavily utilised areas surrounding the greens, a ball in this area deserves to have every chance of having a good lie, and therefore trolleys and buggies should NOT encroach in this area at all.

In order for the above to be a success, we ask that you remind others in your flight to pay attention and abide by these simple instructions.

Nothing bad will happen if you let a faster group through that are behind you. If carried out correctly, you will not be held up. The bonus is that you will be thanked. Keep up with the flight in front, not in front of the flight behind!

Happy Golfing

Captains Committee

April 2021