Step Aside Scramble Results

The penultimate summer mixed competition was played yesterday in good spirits yet highly competitive.  To follow, members and guests enjoyed the End of Summer BBQ, danced the night away and played a fun game of ’round the world golf’.

1st Team with 58.2

A Hillblom, M Wernvall, A Andersson, G Edlund


2nd Team with 58.2

R Howes, P Howes, G Schmid, J Scicluna

2’s  J Miller, S Davies, E Borg, S Knights on 17th

M Allsopp, M Allsopp, D Allsopp, R Gray on 6th

A Andersson, M Wernvall, Gun Edland, A Hillblom on 5th

R Howes, P Howes, G Schmid, J Sciluna 7th & 16th

Thanks to Chris and Silvio for providing a fantastic BBQ, Maryann Waterhouse for organizing a great party, Paul Howes and Richard Waterhouse for proving the entertainment with a fun game.  A great night with a wonderful atmosphere.

Don’t forget to sign up for The Yellowball, the last Mixed Summer Competition, next Thursday 20th September.