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Tanqueray Mixed Summer Smash and BBQ – 9 Hole Shotgun.

So, we now know what Lawrence of Arabia, or rather Peter O’Toole felt like as he went careering across the desert to find the lost guy. Aka – a 9 hole Saturday scramble, in July, in Malta.

As the car thermometer hit 50 on the way to course, it must have felt like April fools day, but a punchy 9 hole format, a slight, but cooling breeze and an array of buggies saved the day. The expectation of an early Saturday night G and T also oiled the wheels.

The spoils were fittingly taken by the Captains Team, who presented the trophy to himself, supported by Past Captain Thomas Jacobsen, Andy Featherstone (whose wife is available for caddying duties by all accounts) and all round hero Moses Kiberu, whose children joined him for the presentation, of what we hope will be an annual event.

Close, but in second place, were the team of Martin Collins, James Kinsey, Neill Simpson and Paddy Mann, who may have sneaked a win save for a few cans of Cisk on the buggies.

Nearly 60 attended the overall event. It was great to see so many guests, partners of players enjoying the fare (thank you Putters Inn) and the open Gin Bar (Tanqueray) kindly supplied by our legendary sponsor Mario Balzan Demajo and M Demajo Wines and Spirits.

Thank you all for your support. Let’s do it again soon.

General Secretary and Co Social Secretary to the Captains Committee.