Team Jacobsen wins the Alliance Captains League

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This season’s Alliance Captains League attracted a record 129 participants, who were all chosen into one of eight teams, captained by past RMGC captains David Debono, William Beck, Vincent Portelli, Victor Satariano, Richard Waterhouse, Nigel Hall, Thomas Jacobsen, and by current captain Victor Denaro. The competition was scheduled over seven rounds, one round each month from October to April. As always, the format of the competition was individual stableford, qualifying, OOM. The best eight scores from each team for each round were added to make up a team’s total. At the end of round #7, each team would retain only the best five rounds’ scores and discard the worst two rounds.

After round #1 Team Debono sprinted into the lead with Team Satariano following closely. After round #3 Team Denaro team nosed into 2nd place, however by then Team Jacobsen had started to gain momentum which it kept until the very end. After round #6, and with one round to play, it was Team Debono 16 points ahead of Team Satariano, and Team Jacobsen only 2 points behind. With a super round #7 performance of 288 points, and with one “bad” round to drop, Team Jacobsen gained two positions to finish top of the table by a margin of 5 points and be declared winners of the Alliance Captains League. Team Satariano finished in 2nd place and Team Debono in 3rd.

Team Jacobsen

Team Jacobsen was made up of: Thomas Jacobsen, Gary Baines, Dionysios Baltzis, Peter Canaki, Peter Cotton, Richard Crossley, Irwin Gratil, Noah Gratil, Alexander Hillblom, Brian James, Ben Johnson, Moses Kiberu, Stephen Knights, James Lindley, Geoff Pickles, Chris Rickards, and Toni Westerholm. Congratulations!!

Team Satariano

Team Satariano was made up of: Victor Satariano, Tomas Bergendal, Martin Collins, Stephen Dodd, Maurice Gruppetta, Alexander Haig, David Hansen, Christopher Kaye, Tony Kjaldstrom, Nicholas Laferla, Matthew Mangion, Keith Pretty, Danny Saliba, Chris Stahl, Edward Sullivan, and David Urpani. Well done Boys!

For the individual honours, Nigel Hall was always on the front page and, after he took the lead in round #5, Nigel never looked back. Richard Crossley took his time, but hit top form over the last three rounds to claim 2nd place. Well done Nigel and Richard, best individual performers of the Alliance Captains League!

The eighth and final round of the Alliance Captains League is a fun event, yes qualifying but not OOM/Eclectic, and which serves as the anteprima of the presentation ceremony. Jay Jay Micallef, a director at Alliance, invited his colleagues Pierre Mizzi (CMO) and Abigail Simiana (COO Letting) to participate in the awards ceremony.

Winners Presentation Round

Results of the presentation round:

Div1: Alexander Hillblom 38pts, Peter Canaki 37, Noah Gratil 36.

Div2: Richard Crossley 40pts, Lasse Pohjola 40, Victor Denaro 37.

Div3: George Iles 40pts, Leslie White 39, Edward Sullivan 39.

Twos: Noah Gratil, Andrew Featherstone, Tomas Bergendal, JJ Micallef x2, Aleksandr Vagimov all in Div1, and Henric Andersson, Kenneth Micallef, Pierre Verlaine, Stewart Davies, Antti Kumpulainen and Alex Scudamore in Div2.

After the presentation ceremony all participants were invited to a delicious chilli con carne lunch served by Saffron, and with thanks to our sponsors Alliance Real Estate.

Yours in golf,

Victor, Captain RMGC