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Join us for an interview with Fabian Reynaldo Garcia Jaimes, a 28-year-old international business graduate from Bucaramanga, Colombia, who has been living in Malta for over a year.

In this conversation, we delve into Fabian’s journey into the world of golf, his work experience at the Royal Malta Golf Club, and his perspectives on the sport’s impact and future.

What sparked your passion for golf, and how did it lead you to work at a golf club?

I recall when I went to the club in my own city, most of my friends played golf and I was the only one who didn’t. However, I was very interested in the sport so when I started my degree in international business, the main thing was to learn golf. During the 4 years of the degree, my passion for golf grew, especially since it is one of the main sports used to close business. Following this, I participated in Inter-exchange programs within golf courses across America, as well as other types of jobs revolving around this sport. These experiences helped me strengthen my knowledge about the sport, in every way possible. Working at the Royal Malta Golf Club has been a wonderful opportunity for me to continue developing my skills and knowledge in this discipline. 


Many people see the golf course, they might not be aware of the behind-the-scenes work. What’s a typical day in your life working at the golf club?  What are your primary responsibilities?

We usually have two shifts – one in the morning and the other until the golf club closes, which is usually around 7:30PM. In the club, we are a small receptionist team, so it is easy to interact with us and build good relationships with members. In the morning we make sure all the buggies are clean for the members and for our visitors. Furthermore, we also check emails and bookings to ensure everything is ready for our members when they arrive, for example, the equipment. We work together as a team to make this all happen, to provide the best service for our clients and to offer a fun and relaxed experience for all. 



Can you share one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had while working at the golf club so far?

Personally, the most memorable moment in the club is the one we share with the members in every presentation of the weekend tournaments, because in that time you share the same emotions with them. This is because, during these weekend tournaments, prizes are given and every time it is someone different and it is in that moment where you celebrate their achievement. These emotions are unique because in golf you never know who is going to have the best round. 

In your opinion, how does golf impact individuals and communities, and what do you think makes it such a special sport?

In my opinion, golf is one of those sports that everyone can practice – from a very young age until the older age. In fact, one of our members is 91 years old and still plays with a lot of energy and discipline. This is particularly special because it’s helping the mental and physical state of the body, because at the end you can be a good golfer, but you also need to calm your mind when you play and be focused. It is an amazing sport where you can meet new friends in a round and build strong relationships. 


If you could play golf at any course in the world, which one would it be, and why?

The old course in St. Andrews, Scotland, because it’s the oldest one in the world and for the history that good golfers used to make in big tournaments. 


Finally, how do you see the future of golf evolving, and what role do you think young golfers like yourself will play in that evolution?

It’s still far but I think the evolution of golf will evolve with the technology, in relation to the balls, the clubs and the new ways of maintaining the grass on the new golf courses. With this in place, the golfer doesn’t need to wait a lot when they make new greens and the future golfer at the end will have more facilities with virtual reality to be able to practice and try different golf courses without being physically there.