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This time, TeeTime Talk interviews Eileen Borg, a passionate golfer who discovered her love for the sport in her 50s. Introduced to golf by a neighbour who had played in Canada, Eileen joined the golf club in 2000 and became an active member.  Join us as we delve into Eileen’s golfing journey and uncover her insights and experiences at the Royal Malta Golf Club.

When did you start golfing and who introduced you to the game?

I started playing golf in my 50’s. I was introduced to the game by a neighbour who had returned from Canada where he had played for many years & convinced me that it was a game I would love.

When and How did you come to be a member of this golf club?

I joined the club in 2000 after some initial lessons with Henning.
My neighbour who was a member then proposed me as a new member of RMGC.

What makes this golf club/course special?

The club has changed in many respects since I joined but what makes it special when compared with other clubs I’ve played at is the social aspect which is less formal & more relaxed than some of the more traditional clubs abroad. The course itself is also quite challenging despite not having large water areas & its fairways are much narrower than courses overseas.

Can you tell us about your role as Lady Captain, and what that entails?

My role as Lady Captain is to ensure the smooth running of the Women’s Section. This entails the setting up of weekly competitions & ensuring that they are run complying with the Rules & Regulations of each type of competition. It also entails organising committee meetings, attending Captain’s monthly meetings & sitting on the BOM’s monthly meetings representing the Women’s Section of the club.

How is been your experience as lady captain and what has been your proudest moment?

My experience as Lady Captain 2022/2023 has given me a new perspective on the game as a whole. I’ve had the opportunity of learning so many aspects of how the club is run which I had not given much thought to before. How important the greenkeeper & his staff are in keeping the course in prime conditions for competitions. How member’s fees are utilized annually & how important forwarding thinking & planning is to maintain the club at full capacity for the benefit of its members.

My proudest moment was my Lady Captain’s Day (Play in Pink) when I managed to raise €1750 for cancer research in Ireland & Malta. It was probably one of the most colourful days at the club throughout the year with over forty ladies all dressed in pink.

Can you share any tips for improving one’s golf experience on this course?

From my experience practice is key to improving any skill. However, time spent practicing the short game – chipping & putting is where most results show. I learned throughout the years that it’s not just about hitting the ball but more about focusing on where you wish to land the ball & good course management. It demands a lot of concentration & is very much a mind game.

What is your favorite golf destination?

I would have to say Ireland here of course where there are some magnificent golf courses however, I’ve played on some beautiful courses also in Florida & in many countries around Europe.

Who are your favorite professional golfers of all time (Dead or alive) and why?

At the beginning of my golfing days, Tiger was at his prime so of course I would have to say he was everyone’s hero then. From a woman’s perspective, Annika Sorenstam was in a league of her own & proved her standing in a game that was considered very much a man’s game. Today I have many professionals who I admire from Rory to Shane Lowry, Victor Hovland & Leone Macguire who is doing very well on the women’s circuit.

Lastly, What would you say to women or young girls to inspire them to start playing golf?

My biggest regret is that I started playing too late in life.

This is a game that allows you to develop so many fundamental skills for life.

Beginning as a junior golfer you learn discipline, integrity, team support, and social interaction & most of all it’s not all about being a winner but enjoying the game & learning from every defeat. It’s a game for life to be enjoyed in the great outdoors which can be played for as long as your physical body allows.