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In this interview, we chat with Kim Borg, a long-time golfer and member of the Royal Malta Golf Club (RMGC). Kim shares his experience of how he started playing golf while serving in the Royal Air Force in Germany in 1978 and eventually becoming a member of the RMGC in 1988. He also talks about the unique features of the RMGC, including its welcoming atmosphere, regular sponsored competitions and social events ,finally offers advice for aspiring golfers, encouraging them to practice with purpose and persevere through any challenges they may encounter.

When did you start golfing and who introduced you to the game? 

I started playing golf in Germany in 1978 when I was stationed there whilst serving with the Royal Air Force. My base had a small nine hole course which was built around the airfield and grassed areas around the aircraft parking bays.

When and How did you come to be a member of this golf club?

I become a member of the RMGC in August 1988. I was introduced to the club by a member , David Ellis, who I met socially. I mentioned that I played golf amongst a number of other sports. He mentioned that he was a member of the RMGC and suggested that I join , which I did. I went to serve on a number of committees organising competitions and social functions and on be elected Club Captain in 1995.

What makes this golf club/course special?

The club offers a welcoming atmosphere and is a popular watering hole for our expat members.. There are weekly sponsored competitions for both the gentleman and ladies sections. A number of social functions are organised throughout the year which are very popular and well attended.

Can you tell us about your role as a course Marshall, and what that entails?

This is my second time as Course Marshall. My duties entail acting as starter; ensuring that players play at their allotted tee time. Making sure that a good pace of play is maintained and deal in with any problems arising. I also look after the guests and visiting groups making sure they enjoy their experience at our club.

Can you share any tips for improving one’s golf experience on this course?

The RMGC is quite a short course which has narrow fairways and small greens which requires accurate shot placement. The rough being a mix of Bermuda and KuKuyu grass where waywards shots can be difficult to find and play, this causes periodic delays and congestion on the tees. As such, it is important that players maintain a good pace of play, be ready to play their shot and position their trolleys/ buggies at the exit point of the green they are playing in order to avoid undue delay.

What is your favorite golf destination?

Italy. The area around Rome specially with a number of championship courses like Marco Simone (Ryder Cup venue 2023), Aqua Santa, Castel Gandolfo, Olgiata to name a few.

Who are your favorite professional golfers of all time (Dead or alive) and why? 

My favorite golfer is Rory Mcilroy, who I consider to be, one of the most talented driver of a golf ball in the professional game also his other golfing attributes make him fun to watch

Lastly, is there any advice you’d like to share with aspiring golfers or those new to the sport?

Persevere and practice with a purpose, to implement the instructions of your golf pro. All too often golfers take a lesson and then revert back to their old ways when they find the instruction difficult to implement or uncomfortable to execute. As such, they end up practicing their old routine and make little or no progress. One of the old greats of golf, Mr. Gary player once made a relevant quote about golf instruction where he said ” If the change doesn’t hurt , you haven’t made a change”