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Please be aware that there are new temporary Local Rules which are in effect after the storm.  These are displayed on the RMGC website, below and also on the Notice Board.

Please also note that the New Green on the 5th will be open for the first time on Thursday.  Please do remember to repair any pitch marks on All Greens.

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The current temporary rules advertised remain in force, in addition, due to the
storms over the weekend 23rd & 24th February the following temporary local
rules are implemented:

The following areas are defined as Ground Under Repair, (G.U.R.)
Fallen trees (1), uprooted tree stumps (2), and associated disturbed ground (2), natural materials piled for removal by ground staff (2).

1. Fallen tree: If you are certain or virtually certain that you your ball has
come to rest under a fallen or felled tree, free relief may be taken.
2. Uprooted stumps and associated disturbed ground, natural materials
piled and awaiting removal MUST be either interfering with your stance
or swing before free relief may be taken.

Free relief to be taken as follows:
Nearest point of relief, one club length, no nearer the hole.

This rule is in force until further notice.

Competition Committee
26th February 2019

Reminding you all that on the 2nd March  at 13;30 Scott MacPherson will be at the RMGC.   The purpose of the meeting is to present the club’s initial ideas for a small but significant change in course.


Ladies Committee