The Club Championship by Laferla Insurance, & Centenary Plate – 18/19/20 June 2021

This competition was inaugurated in 1963 and is now the premier competition of the season, closing the official competitive season for 2020/21. For the first time, this event is being sponsored by Laferla Insurance, who are also kind sponsors of the Wedgwood Trophy and co-sponsors of Malta vs The Rest. The original ‘Individual Champion’ Trophy was presented to the RMGC in 1963 by Rear Admiral David William Maurice Boyle C.B. D.S.C, Viscount of Kelburn, later 9th Earl of Glasgow who was Flag Officer Malta 1961-63. This trophy became fully inscribed and in 2008 was replaced with the trophy above.

The holder of the RMGC Club Championship, last played in 2019, is Laurens Scultze Doering, who had triumphed over Ruud Critien after a sudden-death play-off. The event was not held last year due to the pandemic restrictions.

Running simultaneously and concurrently with the Club Championship is the Centenary Plate, which is also played as three medal rounds, however by applying the player’s full playing handicap allowance. The Club Championship/Centenary Plate is one event, but two competitions. All participants will remain contestants of both throughout, i.e. a player does not drop out of one and into the other. The RMGC Championship/Centenary Plate is:

  • Played over three consecutive days (Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, and Sunday 20th June).
  • Qualifying, aggregate medal, played off scratch for the Championship, and off full playing handicap allowance for the Centenary Plate.
  • On Day 1 (Friday) all players will play off the first tee, starting from 10:00 until 15:50. A “matched” draw, ie seeded by handicap, will be applied for players within each selected time zone.
  • The players who opt to play on Day 2, and must sign up by Fri 20:30, will all play off the first tee from circa 07:00/07:30 onwards, in reverse score order, ie the players with the best scores will go out last.
  • The players who opt to play on Day 3, and must sign up by Sat 16:00, may be subject to a cut so as to limit the Day 3 field to max. 63 players. The best 31 gross scores+ties and the next best nett scores, with count-back if necessary, will qualify.
  • On Day 3 (Sunday) the players will tee off the 1st, 14th, 11th & 8th tees between 07:50-09:00, with the best 24 gross scores playing off the 1st tee in reverse score order.
  • The winner of the Championship will be the player with the best aggregate gross score over the three rounds. Order of merit points x3 will be awarded to the top 20 gross scores+ties. Prizes to be awarded to the winner, runner-up, and third place.
  • In the event of a tie, the Championship result will be decided by a play-off over three holes; the 1st, 17th, and 18th. If this does not resolve the tie, then a sudden-death play-off is played until a player leads by one stroke.
  • The winner of the Centenary Plate will be the player with the best aggregate nett score over the three rounds. Order of merit points x1 will be awarded to the top 20 nett scores+ties. Prizes to be awarded to the winner and runner-up.
  • In the event of a tie, the Centenary Plate result shall be decided on the best score of the last day. In the event of the round still being tied, then a count-back procedure (as per R&Ps rule 2.8) will come into effect. Prizes are given to the winner, runner-up.
  • For all rounds, participants are reminded to (a) check in at Reception, (b) exchange scorecards, and record & verify gross scores with their respective marker, (c) input own gross scores into ClubV1/HDID/PSI system, (d) deposit signed and counter-signed scorecard into box.

A complimentary drink will be offered after round 2 (Saturday), and a complimentary lunch will be offered after round 3 (Sunday).

Booking for the Championship/Centenary Plate is open now, and until Thursday 17th June 11:00. Entry fee €15pp.

best in golf,

Victor, CompSec