The Handicap Challenge Cup #1

This first “major” of the Club’s 2020-21 season attracted 92 contestants, who all found favorable weather and good course conditions throughout the three days of round #1. We acknowledge and we thank Phil Luxon, and all his groundsmen and greenkeepers, for their continuous efforts.

In general, scores were not great – probably caused by over-eagerness to perform well in this major, where double Order of Merit points are awarded. A nett 68 was good enough for joint 3rd place going into round #2 this coming weekend. Leading after round #1 is young Aleksandr Vagimov with nett 65, followed by Timothy Cleasby with nett 66, and by Stephen Dodd, Eugene Cranley, Ross Parkhill, Antti Kumpulainen, Paul Howes, and Laurens Schulze-Doering all on 68.

Only six Twos this weekend; JJ Micallef, Herbert Froehlich, Henry Carre, Stephen Dodd, Bengt Angelow, and Eugene Cranley. Balls allocation to be announced after round #2.

Round #2. There is no need to re-register for round #2. Simply book your tee slot for Thu22 – Sat24 on BRS, or through Reception. Please remember to always (1) enter the gross score of completed holes on the PSI terminal, and (2) sign and deposit your card in the box. Yes, even for a No Return. Please do not walk away after your round, or part of, without carrying out (1) and (2). You’ll be tracked down 😜. Your scores, which are to be input on the day you play, are important for the course rating and for handicap calculations. Besides, the 3-way procedure to reconcile (a) no. of entrants, with (b) online scores, with (c) physical cards. If you decide not to play round #2, that’s ok; you don’t need to do anything else.

The playing handicap allowance for round #2 will be identical as for round #1. Refer to the result file HcapChall#1final shown above.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Victor, CompSec