The Handicap Challenge Cup – round #2 and aggregate

Round #2

Congratulations to Gernot Schmid, the only competitor to shoot a score under handicap, and to be declared the winner of round #2. Gernot’s nett 67 narrowly beat a group of five – Timothy Cleasby, Kim Borg, Steve Thurtle, Paul Howes, and Johann Camilleri – who all scored a nett 68. This is the full result for round #2:

There was a total of twenty-two Twos in round #2, to add to the six Twos in round #1. Each two, in both rounds #1 and #2, will receive four balls each. These are the round #2 Twos:

Final placings – aggregate rounds #1 and #2

With an aggregate nett score of 134 (66 + 68) Timothy Cleasby is the winner of this season’s first major trophy, and takes away a prize voucher for €200, plus 50 order of merit (OOM) points. Congratulations Timothy! Paul Howes, with an aggregate of 136 (68 + 68) finished in second place, claiming a €100 voucher plus 38 OOMs, Gernot Schmid finished third with a nett 137 (70 + 67) for a €75 voucher plus 36 OOMs, and Laurens Schulze-Doering finished fourth with a nett 137 (67 + 70) for a €50 voucher plus 34 OOMs. OOM comp points and OOM update to be published soon. Full Handicap Challenge Cup results:

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Enjoy your golf,

Victor, CompSec