The MGA Shield, Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st February

Dear Members,

Further to the recent invitation and announcement from the Malta Golf Association, so as to ensure the smooth running of this qualifying individual two-round mixed stableford event, with order of merit points, you are kindly requested to read and follow these procedures (in bold are important, the rest are detail):

  1. Day1 for ladies and men will operate as is normal for weekly competitions. Please ensure that you (a) have entered yourself into the Day1 MGA Shield competition, and (b) verify your day1 scores with your marker, and enter your scorecard into the system immediately after your round.
  2. If you’ve decided to play only round #1 from the outset and you wish to claim the €5 comp fee refund, you need to declare this to Reception before you play your round #1.
  3. After finishing round #1, and not before please!, those wishing to participate in day2 on Sunday 21st MUST enter their name on the Terminal/ClubV1/HowDidiDo > MGA Shield Day2 booking list by not later than Saturday 20th at 18:00. You will be omitted from the day2 start sheet if your name is not on the ladies’/men’s booking list. Also, you may remove your name from the day2 booking list by Saturday 18:00 latest.
  4. Please be advised that your specific booking to participate in day2 is in fact a reservation, and is a commitment to the rest of the field. Therefore, any member who fails to honour this commitment, for any reason, will be automatically suspended for the next ladies/men stroke play competition, by order of the Captain and Lady Captain.
  5. On Sunday, the 13-44th placed ladies and men (eight x 4-ball flights) will tee off day2 at 07:24 – 08:48 in reverse order, mixed flights.
  6. The 5-8th placed men, the 1-4th placed men, and the 1-4th placed ladies will tee off day2 at 09:00 – 09:24 respectively.
  7. The remaining day2 entrants, for a maximum field of 116 participants, will tee off day2 from 09:36 – 13:00 in score order, mixed flights.
  8. The day2 start sheet will be posted on the RMGC website on Saturday evening at approx 19:00.
  9. Day2 participants must verify their scores with their marker, and enter their scorecard into the system immediately after their round, and by not later than 17:30 on Sunday 21st, which is when the competition closes.
  10. The final result, and the prizes as detailed in the MGA invitation, will be announced on the RMGC website.

Enjoy your golf and the MGA Shield,

Victor, CompSec