The Scratch Challenge & the Kinnaird Trophy, Sat 5th & Sun 6th June

The Scratch Challenge Cup has been played annually since 1891, with the exception for war breaks and Covid-2020. This year it is being scheduled as the first of the Club’s three remaining “majors”; all three to be played over consecutive weekends in June. These majors will bring the men’s season to an end.

The Scratch Challenge is a men’s individual 36-hole medal comp, open to all RMGC members, and played off scratch over two consecutive days; Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June. Besides the Cup itself and prizes for 1st – 3rd place, double order of merit points are awarded to the top-20 and ties based on gross score. Booking is open until Friday 4th June 11:00 CET via ClubV1/HDID/PSI, with entry fee at €12pp.

Members who enter the Scratch Challenge simultaneously compete for the Kinnaird Trophy. The Scratch/Kinnaird is one 36-hole event, but two competitions. The Kinnaird allows full playing handicap, with prizes for 1st – 3rd, and awards “standard” order of merit points for top-20 and ties, based on nett score. The two competitions are not exclusive to one another, which means a player may win a prize and/or earn OOM points in both comps.

On day1, Saturday 5th June, all competitors will play off the first tee in a matched 3-ball draw within the selected hourly zones. On day2, Sunday 6th, the field will be limited to max. 63 players. The top-24 gross scores after day1 will tee off the first tee, in 3-balls and in reverse gross score order, ie best scores last. The rest will tee off the 8th, 11th and 14th respectively, also in gross score order. The earliest tee off time on Sunday will be 07:50, and the latest 09:00.

All players who enter the Scratch Challenge/Kinnaird are obliged to:

  1. Check-in at the Reception Desk on both day1 and day2,
  2. Record and verify own score, and the score for who he is marking, on both day1 and day2. As the event is “qualifying”, no returns (NRs) must be entered too!
  3. Input, under supervision of his marker, the correct own score into the PSI/ClubV1/HDID system. Scorecards are still not being physically handled by CompSec.
  4. Sign up for day2 on PSI/ClubV1/HDID after, not before!, score entry on day1, and by not later than Saturday 5th June 17:30 CET. Failure to sign up online will mean omission from day2 start list and no play Sunday.

If sign up for day2 exceeds 63 players, then a cut will be necessary to determine qualification, as follows:

  1. top-31 gross scores and ties of those who sign up, plus
  2. the next best nett scores, with count-back if necessary, until a total of 63 players is reached from the day2 sign up list.

The day1 start sheet will be posted on Friday 4th circa 12:00, and the day2 start sheet will be posted on Saturday 5th circa 18:30.

yours in golf,

Victor, CompSec