Trollies in the Locker Room

I conducted an audit of all trollies in the Locker Room today with Kirsten from the Office when the Course was closed – just very few trollies being used at the Driving Range. This was a dirty 5-hour exercise that involved lifting, checking and replacing some 385 trollies – some were very heavy! It was very difficult finding tags on some trollies and many tags were old and unreadable.

Those members who have paid for a locker are free to store one trolley in the Locker Room (downstairs) – there is a small charge made for additional trollies. All trollies must have a tag attached (obtainable free of charge with a cable tie from the Office) which shows the owner’s name and the number of his/her locker.

We had to remove some 45 trollies (plus 10 that remained unclaimed for 12 months) from the Locker Room: some belonged to members who had resigned; others had no tags or had tags that were unreadable. If we made a mistake and removed your trolley by mistake, please accept our apologies.

Those with trollies that were correctly identified should be able to find them where they left them on the shelves or on top of the carousels. Some may have been moved a small distance sideways on the same shelf or carousel to make more space. However, we needed more space on the top shelf next to the Pro Shop to store unidentified trollies until they were reclaimed. So, if your trolley was stored on that shelf, it may have been moved some distance along that shelf in the direction of the lift.

Please ask the Office if you cannot find your trolley – Kirsten can tell you where trollies have been stored. [There are a number of smaller trollies chained on the top shelf next to the Pro Shop, larger trollies have been moved to the buggy garage and a few electric trollies have been chained and stored next to the door to the lobby]. If you can identify your missing trolley, she will unchain it and will insist that you attach a new tag to your trolley before you put it back in the Locker Room.

The tops of the carousels and the shelves were cleaned before all tagged trollies were replaced. This was made very difficult by members who chained their trollies to the shelves or carousels. Please remove all such chains by 31st March 2021 – the Office reserves the right to remove offending chains after that date [but feel free to chain your trolley so it is inoperable]. Clothing and shoes left lying about in the Locker Room have been placed in the lost property basket by the door to the lobby. Any golf bags and equipment not stored in lockers have been removed to the Office.

Once again can we apologise for the inconvenience if we removed your trolley by mistake. The good news is that by removing so many trollies we cleared some of the passage-ways and have made more space available on the shelves and above the carousels. Can we ask those with trollies to store them carefully, keeping heavy/large trolleys on the floor so they cannot cause injury if they fall off the shelves. Meanwhile please throw away rubbish and help keep the Locker Room clean.

Chris Stahl

1st March 2021