We are all in this together

Dear Members,

In these difficult, challenging and unprecedented times, especially with the announcement by Government yesterday that all those who are aged 65 and over are to stay at home until further notice, the RMGC is realigning its resources to set up a support structure for its members.

The services, headed by Kirsten, will principally offer assistance to those members that are either on compulsory lockdown because of the Government directive or temporarily in isolation after travel, will see the RMGC offer help such as:-

Supplies – assistance in organising shopping and medicine deliveries    

          IT services – help with payment of online bills, setting up of social media, et al

          Advice – help in understanding Government and Health Authority advices and notices and the use of essential contact numbers for emergency

          Information – making members aware of Pharmacy opening times, businesses that are offering specialist services, discounts, that sort of thing

          News – useful links to articles, publications and general interest material

          A listening ear – a cheerful voice to speak to if you are feeling fed up or lonely

This service will commence on Monday 30th March 2020.

From Monday, Kirsten will be calling all members over the age of 65 just to touch base and to see if you need any support, however major or minor, going forward. If, in the meantime you require further information then please email Kirsten on [email protected] or call her direct number 20991046 or at the club 25401344.

A small reminder to all. Always keep some cash at home for those home deliveries.

And, please please, if you do need help, reach out to us.

Be well.

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

27th March 2020