Wedgwood Day 2 – Sponsored by Laferla v5

Wedgewood Day 2


This Saturday will see the conclusion of this Major Competition, the Wedgwood Trophy proudly sponsored by Laferla Insurance.

Day 1 was a medal format that saw some incredible medal scores with Paul Howes achieving a nett 64 with five other players on 66 and four other players on 67.

Day 2 is a multi-tee start Stableford where the draw is based on current nett medal scores with the top 28 going off the first in reverse order. This is to achieve a dramatic finish and so we may all enjoy the free lunch provided by the sponsor.

The Stableford points are deducted from the net Medal scores to arrive at an overall Winner and Runner-Up for the competition. The top 20 positions after day 2 will receive double Order Of Merit points.

Prizes: Winner and Runner-Up Day 1; Winner and Runner-Up Day 2; Overall Winner, Runner-Up and Third Place.

Please find start sheet below:

20190413 Wedgwood Day 2 – Laferla – Saturday

Please note: Day 2 only entrants were not all granted a place as priority was given to players entering day 1 and then the remaining places decided by lottery.