Weekly Update 29th April 2020

Weekly update

It is now some six weeks since the course closed at the RMGC. During that time the world has changed – changed in a manner that we all really can’t yet fully comprehend. Talk of the new normal is fine, but what does that really mean ? And, as a golfer, what will that mean to us ? We certainly aren’t able to give those answers yet, but we are asking the questions of Government that will hopefully see the course reopen sooner rather than later. What we do know with some certainty is that once we are allowed to reopen there will be very strict rules and regulations that we will need to abide by.

In readiness for a reopening, Phil Luxon and his small team of green keepers are working hard to get the course in a play worthy condition, make sure the legacy irrigation system is fully functional as the heat builds, and generally start to put in place the physical aspects of a reopening plan for a ‘new normal’ golf course.  

Stay safe, stay well and stay sane !

Board of Management

Royal Malta Golf Club

29th April 2020