Word from the COVID19 frontline

Dear Members,

Eight weeks have now passed since my last game of golf and being thrown into this battlefield against the invisible enemy Covid-19.

It has been an upheaval at work in preparation and initiation of measures to be able to attend to patients presenting with/without symptoms. The daily routine has changed completely. All non-urgent consultations and procedures have been postponed and everyone is focused on this new threat. Triage at the door has become the most important tool to identify patients with suspected symptoms and be able to attend to them without putting our own lives and those of our own families at undue risk. Like everybody else doctors and other healthcare workers have been apprehensive how to face this situation.

Indeed, dealing with this anxiety has been my greatest challenge as a leader together with providing equipment to be able to practice safely. Thankfully after the first few weeks when everyone had doubts about everything and everybody we are now working as a great team with a high morale that we can overcome this scourge.

I must thank the health authorities and public health officials who have made a magnificent job to help us keep this pandemic in check. While every day we watch other supposedly more advanced countries struggle to cope, we have till now managed to contain the spread and close all the breaches in our defences to this tough adversary.

For us to continue like this, it is imperative  that as a country we continue to practice social distancing with extreme attention, keep up with meticulous hygiene measures (especially washing of hands) and present ourselves for testing at the least suspicion that we might have got the contagion. These are the hallmarks to win this war and keep ourselves safe.

I look forward to meeting all of you once again at the golf club hopefully not in the too distant future to make a toast to the great victory against this terrible enemy Covid-19.